Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Device for students and professionals..Do your homework by easy way

AC Portable Office : Handy Devices for Students and Professional

The AC Portable Office is a set of basic products for students and professionals to bring with them a portable office equipped with all necessary equipment to create or modify any project anywhere. Comprises two main parts: The lower is the basic complement for any new generation of ultra portable laptops, and equipped with a base load induction for phones and tablets, one TB hard drive, 6 USB 3.0 inputs, SD card reader and reader / recorder CD’s / Blu-Ray. The top sector is focused primarily on design, art and architecture, and is a multi-function product, comprising a color laser printer, a scanner and a digital touch screen all in one A4 to carry on where needed.
These two products are stackable, sold separately and are the perfect complement to creative workers and restless, constantly moving and need with them all this stuff easily, that takes up little space.
Designer : Alex Casabo

AC Portable Office by Alex Casabo
AC Portable Office by Alex Casabo

AC Portable Office by Alex Casabo
AC Portable Office by Alex Casabo
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Scentsory 2012 new mobile concept

Scentsory is a mobile communication device that works with the senses of smell, sight, hearing and touch, giving users the ability to experience remote communication on multi-sensory levels. With the development of Scentsory, remote interfacing will become more biologically natural. The future of mobile communication is ready to take part in rich, multi-layered, multi-sensory experiences. In addition to basic audiovisual features, Scentsory is able to detect, transmit and emit smells. It can also radiate colours, lighting, and temperature from the caller’s environment.
nokia scentsory, the future of mobile phone

Smell, the most evocative of the senses, can unconsciously trigger entire memories, complete with deep-rooted associated emotions. The average human is able to recognise approximately 10,000 different odours. Over time, odour-memory remains as other recollections fade. People recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recollection of photographs sinks to about 50% after only three months.Nanotechnology plays a key role in the development of this new device. Using highly sophisticated sensors, the electronic ?nose? samples the odour of the caller?s environs and transmits this to the recipient electronically. Scientists have found that a distinct genetic pattern is associated with every odour, so it is simply a matter of matching electrical harmonics with gene activity. This way, the perception of a smell by electrical stimulation could be technologically induced.

the future of nokia mobile phone

When the phone is in ?flat mode? (opened flat), the LED touchpad, two screens and stereo speakers for audiovisual calls are accessible. (Wireless ?earbuds? are available.) In ?open mode?, two screens with a hidden camera and stereo speakers, interior scent detectors, emitter and exterior temperature sensors are revealed. In ?closed mode?, the phone?s slim profile befits traditional voice calls. The LED screen on the lower folding surface alerts the user to incoming calls.

scentsory, the future of mobile phone
futuristic scentsory mobile phone

Designer : Kimberly Hu