Friday, June 15, 2012

Recharge your Mobile With your Fingers without elecricity

Cheers To Finger Power!


Mind you, this is not a “Green” concept and neither does it claim to be “Eco Friendly”. It’s just a helpful solution for a tricky situation. The situation being: you running out of juice on your mobile phone. So what do you do? Remove the battery from the back of the phone; give it a few good turns around your index finger and its gathered enough power to last you a conversation or a safe trip to your charger and electric point.
Designers: Song Teaho & Hyejin Lee


New LG Elecronic Newspaper. you can fold it, automatic news updates,Nature saving concept,watch photos

LG Display unveils newspaper-size flexible e-paper


LG Display has announced its development of a newspaper-size flexible e-paper. The 19-inch wide (250x400mm) flexible e-paper is almost as big as a page of A3 sized newspaper. The product is optimized for an e-newspaper and able to convey the feeling of reading an actual newspaper. Additionally, as the product measures 0.3 millimeters thin, the e-paper weighs just 130 grams despite its 19-inch size.


LG Display arranged TFT on metal foil rather than glass substrate, allowing the e-paper display to recover its original shape after being bent. The use of a metal foil substrate makes the e-paper both flexible and durable while maintaining display qualities. In particular, LG Display applied GIP (gate-in-panel) technology which integrates the gate driver IC onto the panel. This improves its flexibility by removing driver ICs which are attached to the side of panel and hinder the bending of the display.
CTO and executive VP of LG Display, In Jae Chung said, “Our development of the world’s largest flexible display has opened up a new market in the next-generation display sector of e-paper. As the e-paper market is growing at a rapid pace, LG Display will continue to deliver new value to customers and the market through industry-leading technologies and differentiated products.”
Meanwhile LG Display plans to launch mass production of an 11.5-inch flexible e-paper display in the first half of 2010.

LG Display cited DisplaySearch saying that the e-book market will grow from approximately US$370 million in 2009 to US$1.2 billion in 2011 and to US$1.73 billion in 2015.


New future Nokia Phone concept "Full Body" is TOUCHSCREEN

Nokia GEM Phone Concept Transforms Its Entire Body Into a Touchscreen

Nokia has released an innovative and futuristic phone concept called Nokia GEM phone. If you feel the display on the phone isn’t big enough, how bout turning the entire handset into a touchscreen? This is what Nokia GEM phone concept offers you. This futuristic phone was launched as part of the celebration of Nokia Research Center 25th anniversary. You can see that GEM has the ability to change its appearance from camera to phone based on the functionality selected by its user. In fact, this phone can display advertising messages on its back.
User could have the same image at different zoom levels, such as when you read a map, it’s possible for you to zoom and pinch the map from the rear of the phone while keeping the view of a large scale area on the front. Smart idea huh?
Designer : Nokia
Nokia GEM Phone Concept
Nokia GEM Phone Concept

Jarkko Saunamäki, a senior design manager who led the team that invented GEM, explained that using this future mobile phone, user can launch any application and turn the mobile phone just like its active app. For example when you launch a camera app, Nokia GEM phone concept will automatically transform its body to look like a camera. The video animation from Nokia demonstrates how user can take a photo and transform the result to wrap around the whole device. There’s no need to buy phone casing every month, when you get bored with the old theme, you could just take a cool wallpaper photo and replace the exterior appearance of your Nokia GEM phone.
Nokia GEM Phone Concept
In this video, you’ll be able to see how virtual buttons and logos are located at both sides of the phone where you can easily browse them. This concept also becomes one of Red Dot Award winning concepts 2011. So, what do you think guys? Do you think Nokia GEM phone concept can beat iPhone?